Friday, July 02, 2010

Make This: Poker Time Plates and Dice Stir Sticks

Poker time plates are a snap to make. For this design we used Mod Podge to attach the paper cards to the back of a clear plate. To give the plates a silver shimmer we used metallic spray paint.

9” or larger clear glass plates
Laser color copies of playing cards
Mod Podge
Disposable paintbrushes
Silver metallic spray paint
Clear spray varnish

1. Trim the around the laser color copies of the cards.

2. Flip the glass plate over and apply decoupage glue to the front of the card copies. Place the color copied card (color side down) onto the glue in the desired position. Apply more decoupage to the back of the card. Use you finger to press out any air bubbles. Use the same technique to add additional cards to your plate if you desire.

3. Once dry, use blue painters’ tape to tape off the edge of the plate to the front only to prevent any overspray when you spray the back of the plate.

4. Working on old newspapers, turn the plate upside down and apply 3 coats of silver metallic spray paint. Allow to dry and top coat with a few coats of clear spray varnish. Allow the varnish to dry. Remove the painters’ tape.

5. Not suitable for a dishwasher. Please hand wash with care and don’t soak in water.

You can make skewers or stirrers for your party by using the same dice drilling technique we used to make the dice bracelet to thread dice and beads onto a cocktail stirrer or skewer and secure with glue.

Drink charms can be made with laser copies of playing cards that have been shrunk down or with small cards found at toy stores. Laminate them, add a small scrapbooking eyelet, thread them onto circular ear wires or cocktail charm blanks, and add some beads.

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