Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Make This: Hot Glue and Tattered Rose Necklace and Bracelet

Using my Tattered Rose Tutorial make 1 large flower and 2 small flowers. Add funky buttons and layered gems to the centers. Hot the flowers to a plain bib style necklace. This base was from Forever 21 and was $6.00. Add little ties to the ends of the chains.

Close up!

Hot glue a layered tattered rose to a bracelet blank!


  1. I love love love the tattered rose. I just bought a dozen different ribbon spools to make more. I am going to try the layering next! Did say that I love these?

  2. the tattered rose is so cool. I am going to make some.
    Where can I buy the Hot Glue Helpers. I live in Canada and I would like to get some for gifts for Christmas (of course one for myself, lol).


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