Monday, June 07, 2010

Make it: Sea Salt Bath Salts

This sea salt bath is guaranteed soothe any surfer girl’s cares away. This blend uses Dulse seaweed. Dulse is sold in Asian and health markets and is used to help rid body of toxins and boosts circulation.

Ocean breeze fragrance oil
Coarse sea salt
Dulse seaweed (sold in Asian and health markets)
Small drawstring organza bags
Tags, ribbon and other embellishments


1. Place a handful of sea salt and seaweed in a bowl and add a few drops of oil to the sea salt – rub the oil around in the bowl.

2. Package the mixture in an organza bag and add a tag, ribbon or other embellishments. The entire bag can be soaked in the tub. The salt and the healing properties of the seaweed will dissolve into the bathwater.

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  1. I love making at home bath salts and always use sea salt from SaltWorks; as all of it is all natural and very clean (perfect for every application). You should definitely try their Bokek Dead Sea salt- it's amazing!


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