Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy Monday: Baby Sling Pattern

Make it: Baby Sling

Baby slings can be a big-ticket item in stores; you can save a ton of money and add a personal touch by designing them yourself. They only require 2.5 yards of fabric and this pattern is so simple to stitch up. For safety, be sure to wear the sling properly and don't use on infants.

Baby Sling Materials:
2-1/2 yds. tightly woven cotton fabric, 44" to 48" wide
sewing machine
heavy-duty needle
2 - 4" rings made specifically for baby slings

Fabric pattern tips: Both sides of the fabric will show when you use a sling; you may want to choose a fabric that does not have a "wrong" side.

1. Turn under and press one of the short edges of the fabric; turn under an additional inch and press to create a clean edge. Stitch in place. Repeat for the selvage (long) edges. Leave one of the short edges raw.

2. Line up the raw, short edge of the fabric against a ruler or self-healing mat with measured grid marks. Fold in a deep (3" or so) pleat. The pleat should be oriented with the fold line parallel to the long edges of the fabric. Pin the pleat 1" from the raw edge and 9" from the raw edge.

3. Continue pleating the fabric with smaller 1" pleats. Pin each pleat 1" and 9" from the raw edge.

4. Stitch across the 1" and 9" pins through all thicknesses of fabric to secure the pleats.

5. Zigzag the remaining raw end through all thicknesses of the folded fabric.

6. Pull the pleated end of the fabric through both of the rings, folding through the rings to line up the 1" stitch line lines with the 9" stitch line. Pin in place.

7. Stitch through all thicknesses using a smaller stitch length to add strength to the seam. This seam will take a lot of stress; it is important to have a strong seam that it is backstitched on both ends. Sew an additional seam along the zigzag line for extra security.

8. To wear the sling, one end should extend from the back over the shoulder to the front torso. The other end wraps around the waist to the front torso. Thread the loose end through both of the rings and then back through one ring. Pull the loose end to tighten or loosen.

Baby Sling Rings:

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  1. You really are so creative! I like the way you do things so perfectly.


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