Thursday, March 25, 2010

DIY Easter Basket with Torn Paper Flowers

Use up your scrap papers and create tattered paper flower embellishments. They are perfect for adding pop to a plain Easter basket.

They can used in tons of ways!

- tie on to gift packages
-create placecard holders by attaching a name tag
-add a pin back for a broach
-attach wire stems to make vase style flowers
-hot glue to a headband
-scatter across an entry way table
-glue around spring wreath

2782 - FolkArt - Extreme Glitter - Hologram or Mod Podge
5 or 6 different prints of scrapbook paper
Foam paintbrush
Wax paper
Large rhinestone (one for each flower)
Hot glue
Easter Basket

1. Tear the papers into random circle shapes in various sizes. The largest should be around 3 inches and the smallest about 1.5 inches. The idea is to tear an organic shape, don't worry about creating perfect circles. You will need about 5 or 6 circles per flower.

2. Place the circles print side up on the wax paper. Coat each circle with 2 layers of extreme glitter.

3. Once dry, hot glue the circles in a graduated layer fashion. Hot glue a gem to the center of each flower.

4. Add ribbon embellishment to the Easter basket with hot glue. Hot glue the flowers across the center front of the basket.

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Cathie and Steve


  1. This is darling Cathie!! Especially like your handmade flowers. tfs

  2. Those are darling! I though of hair clips before I even read your suggestions. Thanks for the easy to follow directions.


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