Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Phase 4 - CHA prep done and going to Fed Ex

60 mod podge flowers
1 flat wallet purse
1 neck-stand with large butterfly necklace
1 cork wedgie shoes
1 flat shoes
1 blue and peach hand with ring and bracelet
1 green hand with 7 bangle bracelets, 1 bead bracelet and 2 rings
1 necklace stand with flower pin and 2 necklaces
1 necklace display with a necklace and pin
1 necklace display with a belt buckle and 2 necklaces
1 head with a headband
1 head with a headband and necklace
1 head with a copper hat
1 5X7 canvas with earrings
1 5X7 canvas with pendant necklace
1 8X10 canvas with pendant samples
1 9X10 canvas with necklace
1 12x12 canvas with a necklace


I love comments and questions. Sometimes it takes me a few days to reply. Have a wonderful day!



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