Saturday, January 02, 2010

Craft This: Family Recipe Box

Keep those legendary family recipes organized with an easy-to-make recipe box you can customize to your heart’s content.

Wood recipe card box
Folkart Acrylic Craft paint
Foam brush
Rub-on letter transfers (for monogram)
4 Large Beads
E6000 glue
Drawer Pull
Hand Drill
Large tree stamp
Small acorn stamp
Stamp ink
Craft paper
Popsicle stick

1. Paint box with craft paint (add two coats and dry between coats)

2. Stamp the tree design on a piece of craft paper.  Cut it out and let dry.

3. Center the handle on the top of the box and use a pencil to mark the drill holes. Drill the holes in the top of the box and attach the handle.

4. Place your stamped image on front of box to find positioning. Bend cutout along seam where the lid and bottom half of box meet. Cut along seam so that the tree cut out has a top and bottom.  Decoupage the top of tree cutout to top front of box, and bottom of tree cutout to bottom front of box so that the tree design appears to be one cohesive cutout.

5. Place your monogram transfer side down and rub with a Popsicle stick. Make sure the entire thing changes color or else you won’t get a complete transfer.

6. Turn the box over and use E6000 to attach 4 large wood beads to be the feet of the box. Allow to dry.

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