Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DIY: Silkscreen Table Runner

Fancy Fancy Table Runner

Simply Screen – 98544 Chandelier
Simply Screen – 98500 Black
Table Runner
Iron & press cloth
Pink Rhinestones
Gem Glue


1. Position the screen in the corner of the table runner.

2. Squeeze a long thick bead of paint across the top of the stencil. Using your squeegee at a 45 degree angle and even pressure, pull a thin coat of paint down the stencil until the entire design is covered.

3. Peel the stencil to reveal your design. Wash the stencil with cold water. Don’t scrub the sticky side. Once the stencil is dry, replace onto the backing sheet.

4. Allow the design to dry for 24 hours. Heat set with an iron, no steam, cotton setting. Use a pressing cloth. Iron for 30 seconds.

5. Use gem glue to attach rhinestones around the silk screen.


  1. Very nice Cathie! Hey do you guys have a baseball design. My kiddo loves baseball and will not wear his clothes unless they are baseball. I need to print him 10+ baseball shirts. Just a simple ball or outline of a ball. Didn't see one though. Saw volleyball soccer and cheer though.

  2. That is so cute! Unfortunalty we don't have a baseball design. I have seen some cute bball patches at joanns. What a little cutie.

  3. oops - unfortunately not unfortunalty. hehe

  4. Love the Chandelier design! I must try this project!


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