Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simple Silver Jewelry Box

Hammered Silver Jewelry Box
from episode 503 of Creative Juice

You don’t need to be a silversmith to make this decorative art for the home.

Unfinished wooden jewelry box
FolkArt Wood stain
Gem glue
Sheet of sterling silver, 30 gauge is easy to cut
Household scissors
Transfer paper
Jewelry or small craft hammer
Jewelry saw (optional, required for smaller gauge metals)
Wood block or cutting board
Jewelry file set
Safety glasses

1. Remove the front clasp hardware from the jewelry box and apply a coat of wood stain to the jewelry box. Allow it to dry. Apply additional coats, as desired, drying between each coat.

2. Draw or use your computer to print the desired shape for the silver top of the box.

3. Use transfer paper and a pencil to transfer the shape outline to the sheet of silver.

4. The 30-gauge silver is easy to cut with household scissors. Cut out the shape and file it using a jewelry file set. Be very careful with the sharp edges of the metal. Use the flat files along the linear edges and a round file to create round corners. File in one direction only.

5. Hammer the silver shape on the wooden block or cutting board, using the round end of a jewelry or small craft hammer.

6. Clean the silver with silver polish and attach the silver shape to the jewelry box using gem glue.

7. Attach decorative silver beads using gem glue in place of the front clasp, or re-attach the clasp that was originally on the box.

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