Monday, October 19, 2009

Make it: recycled paper bowls

make it: Recycled Paper Bowls

Use magazine clippings, photos, and your other favorite images to create and decorate these sturdy, eye-catching paper bowls. This bowl was made to hold cat toys, you could also use this idea for a key bowl etc. If you are using as a candy bowl - make sure you use wrapped candy only.

Paper grocery or lunch bags
Aluminum foil
Mod Podge
Old mixing bowl (for the glue solution)
Craft paint
Two sponge brushes
Bowl (to use as a form)
Magazine clippings (images and/or text)
Optional: clear, glossy varnish


1. Turn the bowl that is serving as the mold upside down and cover the outside with two layers of aluminum foil. Fold excess foil into the interior of the bowl. Tear or cut the paper bags into approximate two-inch strips.

2. Mix four parts Mod Podge with one part water in the mixing bowl. Soak each paper bag strip in the solution and adhere to the bottom of the aluminum foil-covered bowl. Overlap strips of glue-soaked paper to cover the entire bottom of the bowl. Continue, adding 3-4 layers of paper onto the bottom of the bowl.

3. Dry the bowl in low sun for a couple of hours. When the dish is dry, gently peel the foil off the inside of the bowl to release it. Gently peel foil from the paper shell. Trim the rim as necessary with scissors.

4. Paint the interior and exterior of the paper bowl with craft paint using a sponge brush. Allow to dry. Use a second sponge brush to coat the back sides of magazine clippings with mod podge. Position and adhere to the interior and exterior of the paper bowl. Completely cover the bowl with clippings and apply a coat of decoupage medium solution. Allow to dry.

5. Optional: add additional paint details. For a polished appearance, coat the bowl with a layer of clear, glossy varnish and allow to dry.


  1. I love the clippings you used on this, what a fun idea! I'll be linking to this. Go kittehs!

  2. I made one of these a few years and pink with snazzy cats from wrapping paper. It was a "snow" day project with the kids. A few years later at a Symphony Show house Boutique that I was on a committee for sold it for $35. It was there just to hold the Caspari paper napkins for sale! The buyer asked me to sign it...this is ART kiddos!


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