Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make it: Gumball Slippers

Gumball Slippers

Be the bell of the ball with these Pompon embellished slippers! Inspired by gum balls - they are perfect for kids and tweens.

Open-toe slide, criss-cross, or flip-flop style slippers
Large package of 1” brightly colored craft pompons
Sewing needle
Thread approximately the same color as the slippers

1. Sort the pompons, choosing red, pink, bright green, white, blue, and yellow pompons.

2. Thread the needle and pull the needle through the backside to the front side of one slipper. Thread on a pompon and thread the needle back through to attach it.

3. Repeat with different color pompons until the slippers are covered. If you have a criss-cross style slipper, do not apply pompons to the areas where the slipper straps cross. Repeat with the other slipper.

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