Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Treat Box

Halloween Treat Box

FolkArt Craft Paint 2241 apple orchard
FolkArt Craft Paint 411 purple
FolkArt Extreme Glitter 2776 peridot
FolkArt Extreme Glitter 2779 purple
Paper box
Foam paintbrush
Spider ribbon
Mesh fabric
Paper towel
Goggly eyes
Tacky glue

1. Paint the lid of the box with 2 coats of green paint. Once the paint is dry, paint the lid with 2 coats of peridot Extreme Glitter. Paint the bottom of the box with 2 coats of purple paint. Once the paint is dry, paint the lid with 2 coats of purple Extreme Glitter.

2. Wrap the box with the spider ribbon in a wild fashion. Glue on the bottom of box if needed.

3. Make a ghost by wadding up half a paper towel and placing it in the center of mesh fabric strips. Tie the neck area with yarn and glue to Googly eyes to the head. Glue the ghost to the box.

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  1. these are great ideas,a Halloween treat box is such a good idea! There is this great deal online that I found. It is a Halloween coloring contest for kids and the winner gets a free childrens backpack.


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