Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mod Podge a Poster to a Dresser

Revamped Dresser with a poster

Give a boring dresser a quick new look by sticking your favorite vintage style poster on the front. We started with a simple dresser from Ikea and used a compination of Mod Podge and spray adhesive. This project is great for kids rooms also! Imagine a dresser with their favorite band or movie poster.

Chest of drawers with flat-faced drawer fronts
One French advertisement or film poster
Rotary cutter
Self-healing mat
Sewing or paper weights
Spray adhesive
Mod Podge

1. Remove any drawer pulls, if any.

2. Hold the poster up to the chest of drawers and determine and measure where the top of the poster will fall on the top drawer. Measure the height of each drawer and the distance between each drawer.

3. Measure and draw lines to divide the poster into sections corresponding to each drawer and each dividing space between each drawer.

4. Place the poster on the self-healing mat. Align the yardstick on each cutting line, weigh the yardstick and poster down with sewing weights. Use the yardstick as a guide to cut each line with the rotary cutter.

5. Keeping the poster strips in the proper order, apply each poster piece to the corresponding drawer or spacer piece by spraying each strip with spray adhesive and positioning in the center of the dresser section.

6. Use the brayer to flatten the poster and ensure it adheres well. Allow the adhered strips to dry.

7. Use a sanding sponge to slightly sand the edges of the dresser sections for an aged effect.

8. Apply decoupage medium or clear spray sealer to each dresser section to protect it.


  1. Are there any new shows in the works? I enjoyed the lotion bars etc, show.

  2. Yeah Mod Podge! This is awesome.

  3. Cute dresser. It turned out great!



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