Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Make it: Soy Container Candles

Soy Container Candles
from Creative Juice episode 113

soy wax - container blend
glass Jar
essential oils

cotton cord wick - 3" longer than the height of the jar
metal wick base
candle thermometer
Large glass measuring cup
Large pan
oven mitts
stove top


Determine the amount of wax needed: Fill the glass container with water. Pour the water from the container into a measuring cup and make a note of the amount. 1 pound of melted soy wax will make 2 ¼ cups of liquid wax. Dry your glass container.
Attach the metal wick base to one end of the wick by following the instructions on the package. Tie the other end of the wick in the center of a pencil and balance the pencil across the opening of the glass jar. This will keep you wick straight during the pour and cooling stages.

Fill your pan 1/3 of the way with water and place on stovetop. Bring water to a boil. Place the un-melted wax into the glass measuring cup and place in the pan of boiling water. This like a homemade double broiler.
Place the thermometer into the wax and check the temperature. Stir wax as needed. Heat wax to 160 degrees. (NEVER HEAT ABOVE 165 DEGREES)

Wearing oven mitts remove from heat and place on a heatproof surface. Add fragrance oil when the temperature drops to 125 degrees. Stir thoroughly. The amount of fragrance used is a personal preference. You can add more drops for a stronger scent. A good guide line is between 20-40 drops.

When melted wax reaches 110 degrees – very slowly pour wax into your container to just below the top. Let your candles rest at room temperature (Not a cool and drafty place) Make sure the wick is centered and taught. Once wax is completely cooled, trim the wick to ¼” long. Wait 4 days before burning in order to settle the fragrance.

Add a bow!

Tea tins make great travel candles!


  1. I love the soy wax candles that I've received. Thanks for the instructions on making them!

  2. Those are so pretty! I love the tin idea. I have a huge (and growing) collection of tins and would like to gift some. Thank you!

  3. I love the tin idea too! I think I am going to keep my eyes open for candle-worthy containers at yard sales! :-)

  4. Soy wax is a renewable resource that is eco-friendly. The best part about soy wax is that the majority of soybeans are grown in the United States primarily in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.


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