Monday, September 21, 2009

Make it: Lavender & Rosemary Rice Heating Pad

Make it: Lavender & Rosemary Rice Heating Pad
from the Aromatherapy episode of Creative Juice

Sooth tired and sore muscles with this easy quick stitch project. You won't need to plug this heating pad in so it is safe for kids and older adults who may need extra care. The rice pads can be heated using a microwave and they stay warm for hours. Add lavender and rosemary to help you relax and rest easy.

Tools & Materials:

2 pieces of 100% cotton fabric cut to 12” X 13”
4 cups of uncooked rice (NOT minute rice)
2 T. of dried lavender and rosemary
Sewing machine
Matching thread

1. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and pin in place around the edges. Sew around 3 sides with ½ inch seam allowance, leaving one end open for turning and filling. After sewing trim the seams close to the stitching line and trim the corners at an angle. This will reduce bulk. Turn the heating pad right side out.

2. Mix the rice, lavender and rosemary together in a bowl. (You will have enough of the rice mixture to fill the heating pad very full.) Fill the heating pad with the rice mixture. (You can adjust the fill amount based on your preference.)

3. Working on the open end – turn the raw edges under ½” and pin the opening closed. Using a top stitch sew the opening closed as close to the edge as possible.

4. To use the pad, microwave the pad in one-minute ONLY increments, until the desired warmth is reached. Be careful because the pad gets hot, and ALWAYS test the temperature before placing next to the skin. Shake the rice pad to distribute the warm rice evenly. Apply to sore muscles.

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  1. My mom has made these for me and I just love them! But I adore your fabric, vintage and naughty! I saw similar pin up fabric that was an outdoors activity theme, I always thought it'd be fun for sprucing up an old trailer!


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