Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make it: Gothic Palm Wax Candles

Make it: Gothic Palm Wax Candles
from the medieval lights episode of Creative Juice

Capture the look of striking stained glass with these beautiful, simple palm wax candles. The red on glass is created with glass spray paint.

Clear glass container
Blue painters tape
Krylon “Stained Glass Color” spray paint in red
Palm wax
Medium saucepan
Aluminum pouring container
Candle thermometer
Candle colorant – gold
Candle fragrance
Mixing spoon
Wick clip
Tacky wax
Heat gun
Bamboo skewers

1. Apply blue painters tape to the candle to create a design. Place the tape where you do not want color.

2. Place the glass container upside down on a protected work surface in a well-ventilated area and apply the “Stained Glass Color” paint to the glass. Use three or four light coats rather than one or two heavy coats, allowing 30 minutes of dry time in between coats. After applying the final coat, allow the paint to dry overnight and remove the tape.

3. Prep the glass container: Cut a length of wick that is a few inches longer than what is needed for your candle. Thread the wick through the wick clip and close the wick clip around one end of the wick with a pair of pliers. Place a piece of tacky wax on the bottom of the wick clip and stick the wick to the bottom center of the glass container. Coil the excess wick around a bamboo skewer and rest the skewer on the rim of the glass.

4. Melt the palm wax in a double boiler, using an aluminum-pouring container to hold the wax. Use a candle thermometer to monitor the temperature of the wax. Shave some colorant off of the block(the package will tell you how much to use for the amount of wax you’re melting) and add it to the wax once the wax reaches 200˚F. When the colorant is melted, add a few drops of fragrance.

5. Next, heat the inside of the container with the heat gun (or hair dryer). Heating the container will not only prevent it from cracking, but will also slow the cooling time of the wax and create more crystals in your candle.

6. Carefully pour the hot wax into the glass container. The hot wax may cause the tacky wax holding the wick in place to melt slightly; if this happens and your wick comes unstuck, push it back into place with a bamboo skewer. Avoid moving the candle around as the wax hardens. Once the candle has cooled down completely, trim the wick to roughly ¼”.

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  1. Love the idea about painting the glass. I make Palm Wax candles and this is a great way to highlight the wonderful appearance of the wax without covering it up.



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