Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Make it: Scrabble Tile Frames

Make it: Scrabble Tile Frames

A great picture deserves a great frame! Using decorative paper and game pieces, you can easily customize your frame to match any photo.

Wood frame blank with a large face
Scrapbook paper
Game tiles
Game tile tray
Mod Podge
E6000 glue
Fine grit sandpaper
FolkArt Craft paint
Foam paintbrush

1. Paint the frame using the foam brush and FolkArt craft paint. Allow to dry. Lightly sand the edges of the frame to wear away some of the paint.

2. Cut out a piece of decorative paper so it’s slightly smaller then size of your frame. To create a border, place the paper you just cut on top of a piece of complementary paper and trace around the edges. Cut around your pencil lines about 1/8” on each side.

3. Take the first piece you cut out and line it up on the frame. Hold it in place as you turn the frame upside-down. Then use a pencil to trace out where the glass and photo will go.

4. Cut out this section of your paper so you can see your picture.

5. Use Mod Podge to attach the paper to the face of the frame, push any air bubble out with your fingers. Then glue down your border.

6. Use pieces from a scrabble game to decorate the frame further, imagination is the key for this project. (Paint the letter holder any color you desire.)

7. Using E6000 glue, attach letters to the game piece holder to spell out desired word. Then glue the whole thing to your picture frame with E6000.

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