Tuesday, July 14, 2009

make it: rag rug party pillows

Make It: Rag Rug Party Pillows

Get in a fiesta mood with throw pillows perfect for making your guests feel at home.

Rag rug (at least 2x the size of the pillow)
Measuring tape
Standard bed pillow
Low-tack tape
Sewing machine
Heavy-duty machine needle and thread
Bent-nosed upholstery needle
Embroidery floss

1. Measure the pillow. Apply tape to the rug to create two sections that are 2” wider and 2” longer than the pillow dimensions, measuring from the outside of the tape. The tape will prevent the rug from unraveling.

2. Cut the panels, leaving a margin outside of the tape for raveling to occur.

3. Secure the rug fibers by zigzag stitching approximately 1” from the inside edge of the tape along the long edges of each panel. Use a wide stitch to catch the different rows in the rug.

4. Lay the panels on top of one another, matching up the tape lines. With an upholstery needle and embroidery floss, hand stitch the pillow on three sides between the zigzag stitch and the tape line. Insert the needle through the weft of the rug for easier sewing.

5. Insert the pillow through the fourth side. Hand sew that side closed.

6. Remove the low-tack tape and begin removing the rag rows of weft. This will create a fringe on the edges of the pillow. The rug will only unravel as far as the stitch lines.

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