Friday, June 05, 2009

Pics from the Top-Secret shoot today!

My hair piece - oh la la!

Peach pearls and red lipstick.

For my 1940's costume I wore a dress that I picked up at the thrift shop for $14.00. I wore shoes and pearls from my closet. I added shoulder pads to the dress to make it more 40's.

To make the hair piece, I used the material I cut off from the hem of the dress. The dress was shortened 6" to be close to knee length. I stitched a gather/running stitch up the cut side and pulled the thread to gather into a circle. I folded the circle in half (so the print would be on both sides) and hand tacked the circle closed. I sewed a simple hair clip to the back.

To add extra pop, I hot glued 3 strips of looped ribbon, 2 velvet leaves and some small paper flowers to the center of the circle.

Judy Statts did the hair and make-up - THANKS!

Kelly setting up shots.

Steve working it out with Marc and Marylin.

RJ and Marc waiting in the wings.

Jon my "on camera" husband.

Morgan all wrapped!

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