Friday, May 29, 2009

Puppy Love! Dogs at Weddings? wedding patterns for your pups

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The music plays, the doors open, the guests rise and here comes . . . a dog wagging down the aisle? Yes it is true! Dogs at weddings are more popular than ever. On the most important day of your life, you don’t want to leave out your best four legged friend! Have your pup join in the bridal party!

You might be planning on having your dog serve as a ring bearer or little flower pup at your wedding. If you are then you will need some spiffy clothing to go along with your bridal party. In my latest book, Bow Wow WOW! I have patterns for both a bride and groom outfit for dogs. Both patterns can be adjusted from a tea cup to a large dog.

If you are thinking about having your dog at your wedding, check out the following websites for tips and tricks to including your pup in the ceremony. Ehow, The Knot Message Boards.

The Bride costume from Bow Wow Wow!

detail of flowers - can be made in any color

The Groom from Bow Wow WOW!

full view

Get a copy of the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon!

Step by Step instructions!


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  2. we had our dog in our wedding and he had a little tux too. so cute. he is part of the family.


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