Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creative Juice Re-Craft Book: Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser

Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser

Recycle a wine bottle into a cute soap dispenser. With a little clay and a lot of soap you can have the coolest and cleanest kitchen. This project is makes a great gift...perfect for a new home or open house party. This same technique can be used to create funky olive oil or vinegar bottles.

Wine Bottle
Rubbing Alcohol
Pearl Polymer Clay
Blue Polymer Clay
Clay Roller
Optional: Pasta Machine
Alphabet Stamps
Blue Fine-Tipped Permanent marker
Quick Hold Craft Glue
Large Mouth Plastic Drinking Glass
Dish Soap
Liquor Pour Spout

1. Thoroughly wash the wine bottle and soak the bottle in water to remove the label. Use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to remove any excess glue/gum.

2. Kneed both polymer clays by following the manufactures instructions for your brand.

3. Roll a thin layer of pearl polymer clay about 1/8 to 1/4” thick using either a clay rolling pin or a pasta machine. This is the base of the “soap” label so make sure it is large enough for your label.

4. Create a circle from the clay by pressing the “mouth” end of the glass into the clay. You might need to give it a bit of a twist. Remove the glass and clean up edges if you desire.

5. Use a rubber stamp to press the word “s-o-a-p” across the clay circle. Clean your stamps right away. Create small bubbles with the blue polymer clay by rolling a small ball of clay in your hands and flatten with your fingers. Apply to the circle.

6. Press clay label onto the wine bottle, working the circle around the curve of the bottle. Place in the oven and bake as per the clay manufacturers instructions – usually about 15-20 min. Turn off oven, using oven mitts, remove the bottle from the oven.

7. Remove the baked clay circle from the bottle and apply quick hold glue to the back of the clay circle. Glue to the bottle in the desired position.

8. Use a thin permanent marker and trace over the letters to add additional details. Fill the bottle with soap and cap off with a pour spot.

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