Monday, April 20, 2009

New House: backyard makeover begins

The backyard makeover begins with Eddie ripping out the driveway with a crow-bar. Not a jack hammer.....a long crow-bar. One of my nicknames for Eddie is "Bam Bam" (from the Flintstones) because he is strong as on ox and has a tendency to break things. He once broke the handle off a door as he was opening it and last week he snapped a shovel in two pieces.

We are tearing out the back driveway and replacing it with flag stone, ground cover and a veggie garden. Eddie and our friend Rob built the gates just after we bought the house.

Bye-Bye ugly 80's BBQ and hello new outdoor kitchen!

The new kitchen will be opposite of where the BBQ is now. Where the old BBQ is/was will be an outdoor sofa that faces the side garage wall. We are going to install an outdoor flat screen TV against the wall for outdoor movie night and football games

Eddie sure is messy!


  1. I see you are in the same process mode as us... we still have so much to do,,,can't wait to see more..hugs, L

  2. oh wow, what an undertaking. your hubby has got to be exhausted! it will look so wonderful when all finished!

  3. Your husband sounds like a younger version of mine. I have to constantly remind him not to touch things that don't belong to him because he's notorious for breaking things!!! By the way, that sounds like quite a backyard makeover you're undertaking!

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Got to love landscaping! We've got a few projects going on too :)

  5. You two are amazing. I can't believe you are doing that!! Brave.


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