Friday, April 03, 2009

Dollar Store Do Over: Easter Bunny

Dollar Store Do Over: Easter Bunny

Ugh! I forgot to take a before picture!! Trust me this bunny was pretty ugly before.....but it was a buck and perfect for sprucing up.

FolkArt paint – 438 Ballet Pink
FolkArt texture paint – 2862 sparkle
FolkArt extreme glitter – 2782 Glitter Hologram
FolkArt extreme glitter – rose
Ceramic bunny from the dollar store
2 Foam paintbrushes
Hot Glue
Crocheted flower trim
Silk flower petals
Crochet flower trim scraps
Blue rhinestone
Optional: spray primer

How To:

1. Depending on the surface of the bunny you may need to spray prime the bunny first. Paint the bunny with 2 coats of ballet pink paint. Allow for dry time in between coats.

2. Add a cottontail to the bunny with sparkle texture paint. Use you fingers to press the paint in the tail area. Allow to dry.

3. Coat the entire bunny with 3 coats of extreme glitter hologram. Add highlights to the inside of the bunny ears, eyes and nose with rose extreme glitter. Allow to dry.

4. Hot glue flower trim around the bunny neck. Add a layered flower petal, trim and rhinestone detail to the bunny with hot glue.

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Cathie and Steve


  1. Adorable! Dollar stores are so underrated for this kind of project "do-over"! Have a crafty Easter!

  2. who doesn't love a cute little bunny ??


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