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Crafty Supplies From Your Kitchen

Crafty Supplies From Your Kitchen
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We have been brain storming about craft supplies that you can find in your own kitchen! Here is the list we came up with. Feel free to add your own clever ideas to the list in the comment section.

From The Kitchen:

Plates - tracing circles
Potatoes - stamping
Wax Paper - protecting surfaces
Quick Meal Trays - paint trays
Muffin Tins - sorting beads and baubles
Egg Cartons - drying racks
Coffee Cans - paintbrush holder
Yogurt Tubs - storing mixed paints
Small Glass Jars - storing beads and baubles
Teas - dying and soap making
Ice Cube Tray - sorting or small paint projects
Double Boiler - melting wax for candles and batik
Dish Soap - felting
Shelf Liner - stencils
Freezer Paper - applique
Bamboo Skewers - gluing, turning, and shrink plastic
Knife Sharpener - sharpening scissors
Paper Towel Roll - holiday crackers
Old Coffee Cans - double boiler for candle making


  1. Good list!
    Don't forget cookie cutters.
    Also, aluminum foil can be used as armature for sculpture.
    Have a great day!

  2. glazing techniques: use wadded up plastic wrap, brown paper bags, plastic bags; the cutting edge from plastic wrap/aluminum foil box; spatulas; anything from the salad drawer!

    Use old salad spinner to do your own splatter paint technique. Old blender to make paper. Old mixer to whip candle wax to make snowy candles. lay paper on old electric griddle on low then draw on it with crayons or oil pastels. use old electric skillet for melting wax for batik or candles...

  3. How about Flour? you can use it to make paper mache glue. Acutally I think that there's a homemade version of white glue that you can make from things found around the house too.

  4. Cotton swabs - paintbrush (I use this with my kid)
    Sponge - stamping or painting
    Vinegar - a zillion uses

  5. This is a great list! Here's what I'd add:

    Muffin tins or decorative silicon pans--molds for remaking crayons and melt-and-pour soap

    white flour, salt, cream of tartar, food coloring--play clay

    vinegar and food coloring--egg dyeing


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