Thursday, April 30, 2009

40 Floral Centerpieces

40 small and medium arrangements for the dinner tables.

2 large arrangements for the sign in table etc.

Here is how it all went down.......

The Containers... 1/2 small - 1/2 medium and 2 Jumbo.
The beautiful containers were donated!

Chunky Moss

Flat Packed Moss

I spray glued moss to the corners.

I added clear containers and aquafoam to the interiors.

A trip to the flower district of LA.
Hometown, USA - Look for flower wholesalers.

Pack your car with buckets and plastic lining.
Bring CASH and a smile.

Lots to choose from.
My color pallet is green, cream and white.

Cock's Comb in Green - So velvety, I just love them!!

Cut Orchids - 50 blooms total!

Bells of Ireland


Spider Mums with protective coverings

A bright pop of color!

China Mums

Coffee Bean Filler

A house full of flowers.

A kitchen full of flowers.

Step1 - Begin by adding a cut Bells of Ireland and a little lemon leaf to the container. Make sure you have soaked your aquafoam for 1 hour in water. The label on the foam should be facing up and the tiny holes should be facing down.

Working in an assembly line is much easier than one at a time.

Step2 - Next, add the China Mum (or your largest flower). I like to position the bigger flowers off to one corner.

Step 3 - Add the snapdragons.

Step 4 - Add the cut orchids and Spider Mums.

Keep working the assembly line!

Add filler to hide any holes peeking through.

All done and it was time to call it a night! The Awards Gala is tonight and I think the centerpieces will look lovely on the tables.


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Wanna do my wedding, Cathie?

  2. They are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing all of your great ideas and techniques. I posted one of your wedding favors on my blog today. Check it out

  3. This is amazing. Beautiful colors.

  4. Wow and wow again...Good Work!

  5. Those are beautiful!! Love the colors togethers.You really did add charm,Hugs Debra

  6. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Lovely to see all your photos and the production line from start to finish! :-) Lovely and worth all the work!

  7. They look amazing, is there a craft you can't do? How many had those adorable little kitschy Asian figurines and where did you find them in bulk?

  8. Really these are amazing. Cathe you are great on flower on flower arrangements. I would like to buy these.

  9. It's great idea the centerpiece with moss. Gorgeous and beautiful!!


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