Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party: Oscar Night

Learn all about the Oscars here!
Photo from Oscars.
As a TV producer and host, I have huge respect the Emmys Awards and I am proud to be two time Emmy Nominated & a Presenter. But come Oscar night, I am still a film girl! I love the Oscars so much!!! The dresses, the shoes, the opening act - ALL OF IT! I am an Oscar junkie.

Lots of peeps know me from my crafty work on TV - creative juice and witch crafts. What most people don't know is that I actually started on my creative journey in film. For 10 years I worked as a Costumer creating costumes and looks for films and a few TV shows. You can check out my IMDB page here and see the films I worked on.

Here are a few ideas if you are planning an Oscar party! They are quick and easy so you still have time before Sunday night to get ready.

Black and Gold Decorations:

Begin at the front door by placing a red carpet at the entrance. Look for inexpensive low pile bath mats at Target, etc.

Go with a gold and black “star” color theme. Look for jumbo stars at party stores or create your own with recycled cardboard and gold folk art craft paint. Add some sparkles to the stars by adding gold or black glitter. Hang the stars from the ceiling.

The TV will be the center of the party, so be sure to add a little decoration by the TV. You could drape the top and sides of the TV with red velvet fabric, tape stars to the corners of the TV or add the prizes/winning trophies around the base of the TV.

Use gold and black table linens and paper plates. Sprinkle tiny stars on the table and add a floral centerpiece to the table.

Paparazzi Your Pals:
Take “paparazzi” photos of all your guests. Have funny boas & chunky rhinestone jewelry for the ladies to wear and have Jack Nicholson style glasses for the men.

Have selection of props for the photos: the national enquirer, champagne bottle, small stuffed chihuahua, shopping bags, starbucks coffee cups, over sized hats.

Print the photos for each guest if you have a mini printer or email them to guests after the party.

Download or create your own Oscar night scorecards/pool sheets. Have the guests play along all night and tally the scores at the end. Offer prizes for the most answered correctly as we as the least.

Have prizes like, fake Oscar statues or gourmet popcorn for the winner. Party stores generally have fake awards and I have also seen some funny trophies at thrift shops. Use a p-touch labeler or stickers to doctor up an award to fit your Oscar theme.

Have games or activities for commercial breaks. Create a quick game of Oscar trivia on note cards. Create questions based on previous winners, hosts and speeches. Whoever answers first, wins a candy or popcorn prize.

Nips and Nibblers:
Be sure to have food that is made in advance and easy to eat from the sofa or around a coffee table. I like to serve small nibblers that can be eaten with toothpicks instead of utensils. To add extra pop to toothpicks place two star stickers back-to-back on one end or the toothpick. For a heartier dish try making crock-pot chili. By using a crock pot you can begin the meal hours before guests arrive.

For sweets and snacks, create a platter with “movie snacks.” Snowcaps, peanut m&ms, raisinets, and dots. Serve them in small bowls with little scoops so guest can mix and match sweets.

Serve sparkling water with lemon, sodas, beer, wine and a signature cocktail.


  1. Great ideas Cathie! Perfect for my Oscar Party Roundup-I'll be linking. Good luck with your pitches, I would love to see more Cathie on the air!

  2. Vanilla Sky and Conspiracy Theory woo hoo!
    so Oscars-- hmmm any predictions??

  3. I LOVE these Ideas. We are having an Oscar Party for our 5th graders this year... it's their memory night theme... we are going CRAZY with it. I can't wait to share your ideas with the other commitee members.


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