Thursday, February 12, 2009

Make it: Pattern Storage Boxes

Make it: Pattern Storage Boxes
from the Crafters Caddies episode of Creative Juice

Using bits of old patterns and a little mod podge you can create some cute and functional storage boxes for sewing patterns. This technique could be used on a number of different boxes for other craft room storage needs. You can mix and match the ribbons to coordinate with your space.

cardboard or wooden photo storage box
old sewing patterns
mod podge
foam paintbrush
glue gun and glue
paper strips that fit into the box's label frame
rubber letter stamps
embossing pad
embossing powder
embossing or heat gun
bamboo skewer
file folders

1. Unfold the old sewing patterns and cut into pieces that are several inches wide and long.

2. Use the foam paintbrush to coat the top of the photo storage box with d├ęcoupage medium.

3. Make a collage of pattern pieces on top. Repeat on the sides of the box. Allow the box to dry. Apply another coat of pattern pieces. Apply a topcoat of d├ęcoupage medium. Smooth the box with the foam paintbrush so any brush lines go in the same direction. Allow the box to dry.

5. Apply ribbon around the edge of the box top with hot glue.

6. Use the letter stamps and embossing pad to stamp out the contents of the pattern box. Working on top of an open file folder, pour embossing powder over the stamped letters and tap off any excess. Funnel excess embossing powder back into the container using the file folder fold as a funnel.

7. Heat and set the embossing powder using the embossing or heat gun. Hold the label still with a bamboo skewer and use the same skewer to help slide the finished label into the photo box label frame.


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    What cool boxes you've got there! Really great for storing things.

  2. Wow! I love this idea. I just sent some patterns to the thrift store. Guess I should've held on to them for a bit longer.


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