Saturday, February 28, 2009

Make it: Carnelian & Citrine Earrings

Make it: Carnelian & Citrine Earrings

2 teardrop-shaped carnelian beads
14 small round citrine beads
2 gold ear wires
gold beading wire
2 spherical gold crimp beads
2 tubular gold crimp beads
2 gold crimp bead covers
round-nose pliers
jewelry wire-cutters
crimping tool

1. Thread three round citrine beads on a section of gold beading wire. Next, thread a carnelian teardrop bead and follow with three round citrine beads.

2. Bend the wire to form a loop, keeping both ends of the wire together at the top. Thread both ends of the wire through a gold crimp bead and thread one round citrine bead over both wire ends.

3. Gently pull one end of the wire down until it's shorter than the other end but still threaded through the spherical crimp bead and the citrine.

4. Thread one tubular crimp bead over both ends of the wire. Using needle-nose pliers, loop the longer end of the bead wire through the crimp bead to create a tiny loop.

5. Use the bottom groove of the crimping tool to crimp the tubular crimp bead; use the top groove of the crimping tool to flatten the crimp bead. Use jewelry wire-cutters to trim away any excess bead wire.

6. Position a crimp bead cover over the bead and gently press closed with the crimping tool. Repeat steps 1-9 for the second earring. The same technique can be used to create a necklace pendant.


  1. Beautiful Cathie! I can't wait to make (and link to!) these fabulous earrings! I love jewelry projects!

  2. Hi, I Just Love Your Show and Your Crafty Spirit...I Just Wanted to Let You Know that I have Added the TV Link to My Blog, I Want to Get The Word Out...You Are the QUEEN of COOL CRAFTS! Maybe You have Some Ideas for My New Blog/Trailer Project...I would be Thrilled if You would stop by Sometime. :) Thanx For Your Wonderful Ideas! The TinCan Cottage

  3. Great tutorial - thank you!

  4. These earrings are wonderful, thank you for sharing this tutorial!
    Magic and Joy!

  5. So beautiful!
    Just letting you know, I love the show, and just you in general! There's nothing like a crafty person to make me smile!

  6. Wow! That is so amazing. My sister was born on November and I always wonder what special to present here. Citrine, being a birthstone of November, I think I would try making this and gift her.
    Thanks for the great help of demonstrating the making of a beautiful earring.


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