Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make it: Barrette Holder

Make it: Owl Barrette Holder

Now you can keep rack of all your little ones barrettes and bows in one easy spot. Look for fun new wood shapes including, guitars, hearts and animals at Michaels. This project we designed for Plaid using Mod Podge.

227 - FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Bright Green, 2 oz.
CS11301 - Mod Podge ® Matte, 8 oz.

Wood owl shape (or other shape of your choosing)
Scrapbooking paper (3 sheets of coordinating designs)
Ribbon (2 coordinating colors - 1.5 feet of 1 color and 3 feet of the other)
Adhesive letters (to spell the name of your choice)
Craft knife and cutting mat
Hot glue gun

1. Using one of the sponge brushes, basecoat the wood owl shape with Bright Green. Allow to dry and apply a second coat. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

2. Use the craft knife and cutting mat to cut shapes of scrapbooking paper to cover areas of the owl.

3. Apply scrapbooking papers to the owl using a new sponge brush and the Mod Podge gloss. Apply Mod Podge directly to the bottom of the papers and adhere to the owl. Allow to dry for two hours and then coat the entire surface of the owl.

4. Affix the adhesive stickers to the owl with the name of your choice.

5. Cut the 3” of ribbon into two 1.5” strips. Hot glue the three strips of ribbon to the back of the owl. Allow project to dry completely before using.

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