Sunday, January 25, 2009

CHA - Winter Show Day 1

Goofing off on set up day at the Plaid Booth: Michael Jolly, Candie Cooper and Steve

This will be the only moment we have for a pic! Candi is making really cool Jewelry with Plaid beads and baubles.....if I could only steal a moment to make a piece!

Ohh La La: we have a new book in the house...Fabulous Fabric Beads by Kristal Wick!

Early Morning Day 2....lots o' makeup & a big breakfast - yum.

My sister came by for a little crafty sister support! Thanks Erin!!!

Altered Tiaras are the first project of the day....look for step-by steps soon.

Party Hat Madness! with the new Extreme Glitter and Mod Podge by Plaid.

Queen of the day! This is the purple glitter - flake free.

Crafty Blogger (aka the swell designer) popped by to make a tiara and say hello.

Steve is holding court as we begin the afternoon candle making! Step by steps coming soon....

So many awesome crafters stopped by for afternoon Mod Podge projects.

Ladies and gents...the lovely and talented Jenny Ryan - Look for new classes at reform school in Silver Lake. cool and fun. Visit soon.

Me, Drew Emborsky and Vickie Howell at the Lark Cocktail Reception. Yummy appetizers, bubbly drinks and the best craft books around! Who could ask for anything more?

The Lark Books party - so happy to be with lark! My new book 100 Onesies releases Spring 2010! (100 techniques for altering a baby onesie - over 150 projects in total + baby shower ideas complete with invites, cake recipes and mocktails) I just wish Deborah was here....:(

How cute!


  1. Am I the 1st to read this? LOL

    Great post!!!

  2. Just posted! Hot off the press - we are having a really great time. Super tired, feet up at the hotel and watching Nancy Grace weekend. Oh the glam life.

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM


    I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and Steve today. When I saw your smiling faces I felt warm all over. I am so grateful for all the crafts you teach and hope that your meetings go well. Please know that us in the MI are rooting for you with a bit CHEER. Thank you again for your kindness and God Bless.

    Annie (the one who made 2 candles)

  4. LOL@ Cath... I thought of you when I saw N.G. on my dial!


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