Monday, December 29, 2008

Quickie Projects for New Years Eve - part 1

“Toast of the Town” Party Glasses and Confetti Poppers

Tis the season for toasting and whether you are planning a party for 4 or 40, I have some simple and easy craft projects that will make your glasses be the “toast of the town.”

If you are planning an intimate gathering, pick up some inexpensive champagne glasses and transform them into memorable toasting glasses with a little etching cream. If you are throwing a larger party and the idea of washing all that glassware is a little daunting, use plastic glasses and a little garland to create fanciful tinsel toasters. For extra party pizzazz, craft up some easy confetti poppers.

Along with these craft projects, here are a few tips on toasting. Be yourself and speak from your heart. Keep the toast articulate and humorous as well as appropriate and to the point. Be brief and end on a positive note. If you are stumped for the perfect toasting words, just raise your glass and a say “cheers!”

Etched Toasting Glasses

Champagne glass
Letter stickers or shapes
Glass etching cream
Rubber gloves

1. Decide on a design plan. Cut around the letter stickers of your choice, leaving a space around the edge of the letter. Optional: If you want to use your own design, you can cut out a design from heavy-duty shelf paper.

2. Clean and dry glass thoroughly.

3. Making a stencil from the cut letter: Peel the letter from the cut piece and discard it. Make sure you keep any “inserts” from the letters (like the inside of an O). This will be the stencil.

4. Apply the stencil and any letter “inserts” to the glass. You can line them up straight or go for a more whimsical look by applying them randomly. You can use a piece of tape to help you line them up straight. Burnish the stencil into the glass using your fingers.

5. Applying the etching cream: While wearing rubber gloves and working on a protected surface open the etching cream. Using a paintbrush, liberally apply the etching cream inside the stencils. Remember that wherever the cream touches the glass will etch, so be careful not to go over the stencil.

6. Wait 5 minutes for the etching cream to react to the glass. Wearing rubber gloves, wash the etching cream off the glass and pull off the stickers.

Tinsel Toasters

Plastic champagne glass
Tinsel garland
Hot glue gun & glue

1. Attach the base of the glass to the stem of the glass. If the glass feels flimsy, you can add a drop of hot glue to secure the base to the stem.

2. Wrap a 3-inch piece of garland around the stem of the glass and hot glue in place. (you can use a bamboo skewer to help hold the tinsel in place while hot gluing)

Confetti Poppers

Small plastic champagne glasses (bridal section of craft store)
Gold and black star shaped confetti
2” Gold notary seal sticker – Avery brand (office supply store)

1. Fill the small champagne glass 3/4 of the way full with a scoopful of confetti.

2. Seal the top of the glass by centering the gold notary sticker over the opening of the glass and press down the sides of the sticker.

3. Punch the top of the seal with your finger and toss the confetti into the air.

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