Monday, December 08, 2008

Make it: Stretched Fabric Art

Stretched Fabric Art

decorative fabric
wooden stretcher frame (available at art-supply shops)
staple gun
picture-frame hanger
beads, sequins, buttons, needle and thread (optional)


1. To assemble the frame (if stretcher frame came preassembled, skip ahead to step 2), fit together the four sides of the frame by sliding the flaps into grooves at the end of each section. Using a staple gun, put a staple into each of the 4 diagonal seams.

2. Measure the fabric to fit the frame and add 2-1/2" per side to allow the fabric to wrap over the sides of the frame. Cut out the fabric; if necessary, iron it to remove wrinkles and creases.3. Lay the fabric face down; center the frame on top of the fabric, front side down. Starting at one corner, fold the fabric over the frame and staple in place. Repeat on the other corners, making sure to stretch the fabric taut. Next, fold and staple the fabric back along all sides of the frame. To ensure that the staples stay in place, use a hammer to secure them.4. Optional: Sew sequins, beads or buttons to the fabric to accent pattern elements; choose colors that complement the fabric. Attach a hanger to the frame.


  1. This is a great idea! I'm going to have to watch your show. Love your ideas:-)


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