Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Make it: Kids Holiday Wreath

Kids Can: Craft A Wreath

Kids will love to create this holiday wreath and it will look welcoming and beautiful on any door. This makes a great holiday gift for grandparents.

What You'll Need:
Green felt squares - 4 or 5 pieces
Cardboard scrap - 12"x12"
Craft glue
Pink felt square


1 - Cut a 10 inch ring from a piece of heavy duty cardboard.

2 - Make a template of your kids hand with a scrap piece of paper. Using the template as a guide, cut hand shapes from the green felt. You will need about 10 hands.

3 - Using craft glue attach the hands around the ring, overlap as needed. Glue pom-poms as ornaments and add a bow cut from pink felt.

4 - Smile your finished! Hang on the door.

You could also create a holiday tree by using a large triangle shape. Glue hands to be the tree branches and pom-poms for ornaments.

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