Tuesday, December 09, 2008

DIY Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine Projects from Creative Juice, make great holiday gifts for wine lovers.

Wine-Label Scrapbook

Here is great idea for a wine-label scrapbook - this little reference book will heplp keep track of your favorite vintages. Kit from www.sevengypsies.com.
2 7"x8" chipboards (front and back of book)
1 3"x8" chipboard (spine of book)
small craft hammer
lacing and needle
book pages
paper glue or tacky glue
scrapbook embellishments
1/2 yd. cotton fabric or cork
2 pieces heavy-duty cardstock
7 Gypsies handbag book (modified)
glue gun
2 hinges (included in 7 Gypsies set)
foam brush
paper or fabric (wine-inspired) to cover book
wine labels
Sharpie marker
hand drill (optional) Steps:
1. Glue the paper over the chipboard from 7 Gypsies' kit, making sure to leave at least 1/2" of extra paper to fold over the flap.
2. Using an awl, make two holes on the side of each chipboard and attach hinges.
3. Cut the cork sheeting to fit as an inside book lining.
4. Using binding thread and a needle, attach the pages to the middle piece of cork.
5. Attach the larger pieces of cork to the inside sides of the book with hot glue.
6. Attach the ribbon to the two inside sides of the book; the ribbon will become a fastener for the book. Tuck the ribbon edges under the cork to create a clean finish.
7. Attach the pages to the book by hot-gluing the cork to the spine.

Etched Wine Glasses
So easy to make!

armor etch
waxed paper
small flat paintbrush
2" low-tack blue painter's tape
wine glass
small to medium punches
rubber gloves


1. Apply a strip of tape to a sheet of waxed paper. Using three circle punches of graduated sizes, punch through the tape and waxed paper to create mini adhesive stencils. Separate the stencils and trim them down with the scissors.

2. Remove the tape from the waxed paper and place the dots in the desired position on the wine glass (do not place near the mouth area of the glass. Press the dots firmly in place and burnish the edges with a fingertip.

3. Wearing gloves and using even application strokes, apply etching cream according to directions.

4. After the allotted etching time, while still wearing gloves, rinse the glass and peel off the stencils.

Custom Cork Stoppers

bottle corks from the craft store
glass drawer knob (single with a cap screw set)
screw driver
small, pointed screw


1. Predrill a hole into the cork by screwing the pointed screw all the way through center, or use a hand drill.

2. Place the cap end of a cap screw set on top of the knob.

3. Thread the screw up through the cork, the glass knob and the cap; make sure the screw is tightly in place.

Optional: Add a drop of E6000 glue to the screw before inserting into the cork and knob.

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  1. I have a wine lover on my list, I think I should try making these, thank you for posting :)


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