Sunday, November 30, 2008

Make it: Mini Cocoa Gifts

Cozy Up With Cocoa

Treats your friends and family to a cozy cup of cocoa this holiday season. This easy to make mini gift is perfect for neighbors, co-workers, teachers and fund raisers. They are perfect way to say “Have a Happy Holiday” or give sweet treat. The cocoa bags are simple to make, easy to customize and delicious.

The cocoa can be made in a large batch and scooped into mini zip top bags. Look for mini zip tops bags in the jewelry section of any craft store or at a cake decorating shop.

The baggies of cocoa can be packaged in many different ways. I like to transfer an image or logo onto muslin parts baggies (look for them online) and fill them with the cocoa. You could also stuff the baggies into mini Chinese take out boxes (available at craft and paper stores), clear plastic clam shell ornaments or holiday themed coffee mugs.

If you want to package the cocoa “quick and easy” style, just add a paper tag and bow or simply wrap a piece of holiday cello or tissue paper around the baggie and tie with a decorative bow and gift tag.

You friends will thank you as they cozy up, with their cup of cocoa.

Supplies and Ingredients:

Large tub or bowl
1 lb. cocoa (4 c.)
2 lbs. granulated sugar (4 c.)
6 lbs. dry milk (15 c.)
1 tsp. salt
small plastic zip-top bag
muslin parts bags
iron-on transfer paper
inkjet printer
small printed cocoa instructions note


1. Sift cocoa, if necessary. Mix with sugar, dry milk and salt.

2. Transfer one coffee scoop (2 tablespoons) of the mixture into a small plastic bag and seal with a tie.

3. Design and print an image to transfer to a computer and inkjet printer. Reverse any text, if necessary, as indicated on the transfer paper instructions. Trim the edges of the transfer, if needed. Following transfer paper instructions, iron the design on the front of the parts bag.

4. Fill the parts bag with the bag of cocoa and attach an instructions tag. The tag should read: Add the cocoa mixture (in this bag) to one cup of hot water, stir and enjoy. Tie the strings into a bow.

5. This makes approximately 20 cups of cocoa mix. The mix could also be funneled into mason jars and given as larger gifts. To decorate add a tag and tie a scoop around the neck of the jar with a bow.

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  1. Thank you for this basic recipe. I was looking for one that I can substitute splenda for the sugar for my father-in-law who found out this year that he has diabetes. Now I can make him a lovely gift for Christmas. Thanks again!


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