Monday, September 15, 2008

New Episodes of Creative Juice

Woo Hoo! 13 New Episodes of Creative Juice begin on HGTV - October 2nd! Check with your provider for times or set your tivos and dvrs.

Here is a peek at the first 3 episodes...

Oct 2 - HGTV - Window Dressing
Field Trip to Alexander Henry Fabrics
Making Your Own Curtains
Create a Roller Shade
Paper Drapes
Test Tube Vases

Oct 9 - HGTV - Star Bright
Modern Mirrors
Star Fruit Salsa
Stamping with Star Fruit
Star Fruit Kabobs
Wire Mesh Star Lights
Tea Light Wraps
Your a Star Cards

Oct 16 - HGTV - Mini Gifts
Floral Mocktails
Rhinestone Earrings and Glittered Postcards
Mini Zucchini Breads
Punched Mini Cards


  1. YEAH!!! Can't wait to check them out. And, times they will show in Michigan. Yahoooooo.

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I have been waiting!!!!


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