Sunday, September 07, 2008

Make it: Goats Milk Soap

Easy Melt and Pour Goats Milk Soap
with essential oils

I have always ordered my soap supplies from MMS because the "craft stores" usually don't stock very many soap/lotion making supplies or real oils. I was surprised when I stumbled upon a new item at Michaels so I thought I would give it a test run. It is a melt and pour Goats Milk soap from Lilly of the Party.

I love Goats Milk soap and have I splurged on zum bars from Whole Foods. They are about $4 for a small bar! Worth every penny - especially if you go to the Pasadena Whole Foods. It is like a mall - huge cosmetics area! I get lost for hours.

The MP soap base was $9.99 and no I did not have my Michaels coupon! We made 9 good sized bars of soap. Over all the base was wonderful...Very smooth, bubbly and great on the skin.

Step 1. Cut the big bar into chunks on the score lines.

Soap Cubes.

Step 2. Microwave or melt on a double boiler.
10 sec. intervals. 6 cubes took 50 sec. in my low watt microwave

Step 3. Add essential oils to the melted soap.
We made each bar a different scent.
Only add a few drops to each bar.
For peppermint and eucalyptus only add 1 drop.

1/2 of my oil collection

Combinations we made:
Geranium/Green Tea
Green Tea/Lavender
Chammomille/Lavender/Green Tea
Peppermint /Lavender

Step 4. Pour into soap molds - let them cool 1 hour or until firm.

You can add other dry ingredients to each mold.
We made one bar with oatmeal.
Just place a palmful of oatmeal into the mold
(just after pouring) stir to combine and let cool as normal.

other dry ingredients you could add:
Rose Petals
Dried Lemon Grass
Dried Flowers
Dried Orange Peel
Crushed Azuki Beans
Dried Tea


  1. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Try using a half tablespoon of blue cornmeal. It makes the bar an slight exfolliant and (I'm sooo shallow) it turns the soap a really pretty lavendar color.

  2. What a great idea... I'll give that a try.


  3. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Thanks soooooo much! I love your ideas.

  4. Anonymous8:14 PM

    I love your show,you have uninspired me in so many ways. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous1:02 PM

    being the daughter of a plumber, i am always thinking about what goes down and clogs our drains. i blend the oatmeal, before putting it in the soap. it is less clogging in the pipes and is still great on the skin.


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