Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My DAD Loves Fireworks!

The fourth of July has always been a HUGE holiday in my family! Our farm is outside the city and in the state of Oklahoma that means that fireworks are legal. So every year, my dad puts on a firework display that rivals most small towns in our backyard!

Every summer, make shift stores/stands selling every kind of firework that you can imagine pop up on almost every country corner. And, every summer my dad scoops up more fireworks than anyone has ever seen.

At home, the large (oversized) dining table quickly gets covered in brightly colored packages of of fireworks and by the time the Fourth of July arrives the card table is also covered. The anticipation is unbearable and so sometimes we set a few off early - much like we open a few Christmas presents early.

Sometimes I think my dad bought the farm just to set off his own fireworks. My dad still puts on our own fireworks display, complete with large star bursts and shooting stars. It is a miracle that we never got hurt dodging hot flaming bits of paper or lighting the spinning pagodas.

A few years back when Eddie and went home in August, my dad surprised us... he had held a few fireworks back from the 4th and we got our own fireworks show! Thanks DAD!

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