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Episode # 405 - Pink Paris

Episode # 405 - Pink Paris on Creative Juice
12:3opm eastern on DIY Network - Tuesday July 22nd.

We know just how to add a little French flair to your next project.

Kir Royale

Champagne is the bubbly ingredient in this authentic French cocktail that’s sure to put a smile on your lips.

crème de cassis
lemon or blackberry twist

1. Place 1/2 tsp.crème de cassis in a Champagne flute.

2. Fill the flute with Champagne.

3. Garnish with a lemon/blackberry twist.


Sugared Grapes

Grapes go wild when they meet sugar. Pop 'em in the freezer to make a delicious frozen treat.

Champagne grapes
liquid pectin

1. Place grapes on a plate and brush with pectin.

2. Sprinkle grapes with sugar.


Love this easy Jewelry Project!

Chunky Gemstone Ring

A chunky bead can bead can easily transformed into a funky ring.Materials:
12 mm stone, side-drilled through the center
sterling silver wire, 18- or 20-gauge
round-nose jewelry pliers

1. String and center stone on wire.

2. Fold wire in half with bead held in place at the center of the wire.

3. Place the stone on the mandrel at the appropriate size. Bend wire ends around the mandrel and loop around back through the bead (tape can be used to keep the stone in place).

4. Wrap wire ends around both "band" wires at the base of the stone to secure the stone. Wrap several times if needed. Once wrapped, using a wire cutter to snip off excess wire.

5. Using needle nose pliers to tuck in any sharp edges.


Velvet Stamped Shawl

Special techniques for stamping and sewing velvet makes working with this beautiful fabric easy and fun.

1-1/2 yds. rayon velvet
1-1/2 yds. silky fabric lining (same width as the velvet)
spray bottle
bold, patterned heat-resistant rubber stamps (must be clean)
pressing cloth
sewing machine
4 large decorative tassels
hand-sewing needles and pins
matching thread
tissue paper

Rayon- or silk-content velvet must be used to ensure quality results. This technique also works best with bold rubber-stamp designs; images that are deeply etched or have detailed line designs are not recommended because they do not imprint well.

1. Preheat iron on high and set for steam. Lightly mist the back of the velvet with water.

2. Place rubber stamp, stamp side up, on ironing surface. Lay fabric (velvet side down) on the stamp, place a pressing cloth on fabric and press hot iron to cloth. Hold for 10-20 seconds, lift iron and repeat as needed. Dry-cleaning is recommended.

3. Cut the lining and stamped velvet to the same size. Place the fabrics right sides together and stitch around the edges, leaving an opening for turning. Trim inside corners to remove excess fabric. Turn fabric right side out and whip-stitch the opening closed.

4. Hand-stitch tassels to the corners.

Tips for Sewing Velvet and Silk

1. Lay fabric with the velvet side up; place a sheet of tissue paper on top of the velvet. Place silk fabric on top of tissue paper, right side down. Pin the layers together, using silk pins every 1-1/2"-2" to prevent slipping while sewing.

2. Using a sewing machine (a #2 stitch works best), stitch around the outside of the fabrics, leaving an opening to turn fabrics right side out.

3. Trim away excess fabric around the seams.

4. Carefully tear away tissue paper to reveal a pucker-free seam.


Eiffel Tower Appliquéd Pillow

Bring a little French style into the living room by adding Parisian images to an ordinary pillow.
marabou boa (to go around the outside of the pillow)
thread (same color as marabou)
assorted patches

1. Remove any extra threads or tags from pillow.
2. Glue patches on pillow using Fabri-Tac .
3. Using needle and thread, whip-stitch marabou boa to pillow edge. If needed, trim off remaining boa; use a small amount of Fabri-Tac if boa ends shed.

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