Monday, June 02, 2008

Madame's Dish - Shoot Day 2

Madame and Joe Kovacs

Day two was just as fun! Madame and Joe were amazing!

Huge thanks Zach Driscoll who Directed our Photography, Our Chef Chanel Martinez who is Madame's hands, to Dominic Sharamitaro who played the hunky guy, Sweet P who graced us with her smile, Jenn Raudman who recorded all the laughs, Daelen Cory who was our Hollywood fashionista, David Bowman who magically played the piano, my sister Erin Berich and her hubby Nick Berich who pretended to eat, Gigi Jackman, Jackye Swidler and Gary Holland who join us at Tangiers, Julian Salazar and his brother Tom who "paparazzied" Madame down Hillhurst Ave, Tangier restaurant and lounge for the awesome location, Whole Food for Life on Los Feliz Blvd for the beautiful produce department, Paul Cowdan who thankfully loaned us his lighting package and to my hubby who always supports, encourages, plays along and works his tail off on all our hair brained ideas.

Huge thanks to everyone who made the last 2 days a smashing success and kisses to Joe Kovacs who is an amazing comic, incredibly hard worker and wonderful guy.

Here are a few more pics....

Eddie shows off his camera rig.

The rig in action

Steve balances the skateboard.

Madame's Cookbook

Madame is so naughty...

Madame pounces on Hunky Guy like a cougar.

Madame's Angeles.

Steve shows off his mad set decorating skills.

Sweet P and Madame stir up some fun.

Chanel was a super trooper!!!


  1. How exciting to be working with Madame! I remember watching her on TV as a kid. Has someone picked up the show for air yet? Can you tell us?

  2. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Cathie, You're a Doll!
    Joe and I miss your laugh already.
    It's almost 3AM, Joe and I just arrived home from our truly wonderful yet exhausting weekend in LA. We send hugs and a HUGE "Thank You" to You,Steve,Greg,Zach,Eddie and Miss Jenn for making it all so easy for us to do what we do. To Sweet P, Chanel, Dom and the others who rallied around to make us look good, Thank You so very much and Big Kisses you all. Hope to see a heck of a lot more of y'all every soon. Oh, and tell Steve sorry again for all the stray feathers.

    Love and Laughter,
    Madame and Joe

  3. Anonymous9:21 PM

    OH S$$T - This is so cool! My mom is going to BNATS.

  4. Anonymous5:42 AM

    This is really exciting news I too remember watching her. I bet this show will be funny! Cathie, I trust that you will keep us up to date with all the Madame news. Loved the clip.


  5. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Sheee is back!!! Cant wait to see Madame again on TV. Please tell us when and what network will air the show.


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