Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Emmy Trip to NYC: Crafty Shopping

My friend Melissa suggested we stop by Lee's Art Shop and boy was she straight on! They had 4 levels of fun filled with kids crafts, gifts, amazing lighting, home decor, glitters, paints, killer totes and "all round" good style.

They had beautiful papers!

Laura, Eddie & Melissa on our way to the lighting dept!

cool party supplies

lots of beautiful origami papers


We also stopped by on old haunt of mine form my costume days....M&J Trimming - it is a must stop for any do-it-yourselfer.

Buttons, Buttons and more Buttons!!!

Oh La La - after working with Madame the feathers really had a grab on me. Wondering who Madame is? take a peek here.

More trims than you can believe.

Just a tiny corner of the store.

Ribbon City!

We also visited the bead district in NYC - so worth it! If you are in NY visit 6th Ave from 36th to 39th st. Tons of great shops all in walking district!

Lots of semi, real and costume stones.

Still love the owls!

Wall O'Chain

Cool Woven Chain

Tons of Findings

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  1. LOVE Toho! I use to spend my lunches there during market weeks to decompress! LOL


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