Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shooting a pilot with a mini diva!

So.....today I have been making "mini" aprons for a pilot we are shooting this weekend. And when I say mini...I mean mini! - they are only about 10" tall. The crazy part is that the aprons are for the "star" of the show - yes it is true, the star of the show fits a 10" apron.

This little lady will be gossiping with the stars, eating at the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles and making her own concoctions and recipes in her kitchen.

This is her "Hot & Spicy" apron for making grilled veggies.

Here is her Sushi making apron.

This one is for her Blended Fruit Cocktails.

This one is for her "Perez Hilton" fan club...she was actually just featured on Perez and TMZ!

Any guesses as to who she is????

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