Monday, May 05, 2008

My sister the next Food Network Star!

Ok, so Erin is not really the next Food Network Star but she is to me. You see she has always let her Hubby Nick do all the cooking ....well not all the cooking but most of it.

Eddie, Chris & Nick heading to the wine tasting.

So this weekend Erin, decided to tie on an apron and throw an impromptu dinner party. The party was lovely - it began with a walk for the ladies and a skate for the boys down to Mission Wine and Spirits for a wine tasting. We all agreed that the Argentinian version of the Sauvignon blanc was the favorite.

After a few sips we headed back to the house where Erin showed off her culinary skills. She made the most delicious stuffed peppers, garlic bread and a yummy Caesar salad for dessert she prepaperd baked pears with crumbled macaroon cookies on top. It was all so delicious - even at this early hour it makes me hungry.

On the walk back home.

Pepper Are Going In



Erin & Nick

We are hungry for the peppers....cause they small so good.

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