Friday, April 04, 2008

Story Tellers Art Show - Daytona Beach

Mom, me and my hubby Eddie at Lunch

As I was racing to get ready for a meeting this morning, I had 26 hot rollers in my hair, make-up brush in one hand and my mom on speaker phone. It looked like a scene from a circus. I could hear my hubby laughing at me from his computer.

My mom rang me up with a funny tale, the kind of story that makes you feel like the world is really small and that moms will always be referred to a the "mother of" regardless of how old we get.

So here is my "The Daughter Of" Mom just sold another painting! The painting is for a really fancy new hotel in Atlanta that is opening in 2009. Mom has sold many paintings but this one was a departure from her usual style - so this sale is especially sweet. If you want to learn more about my mom you can visit this blog post about her.

If my mom is not painting - you can usually find her at an orchid show with my Step-Dad Bill or at The Art League of Daytona Beach either taking workshops, teaching or just hanging with friends.

This weekend they are having an art exhibit that I know fans of Craft Lab will enjoy! If you are in Daytona Beach stop by, if not, check out the artists website for a little inspiration and creative juice.

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