Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Project: Singed Silk Flower Pins

Singed Silk Flowers
Made with “Re-Crafted” Silk Blouses

Materials Needed:
100% silk blouse/tie/skirt/fabric
Pearl Button
Pin Back
Hand Sewing Supplies
Bowl of Water


1. Cut 9 rough circles from the silk fabric.
Begin with a 2.5” circle and work your way down to a 1.25” circle.

2. Using a lighter, singe the edges of each circle.
Practice on a scrap first until you get the hang of it.
Keep a bowl of water close by in case of an emergency.

3. Layer the circles from largest to smallest.
Sew a button in the center and a pin back to the center back.
Add a scrap of singed fabric round the button for interest.

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