Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Pillows and Soft Toys made from Recycled T-Shirts for Baby Filian's Room

Turn your old fashion tees or kids clothes into funky pillows and soft toys with just a few stitches and stuffs.  Seriously this project is soooo dang easy that you will want to make a gazillion!  The owl tee was an oldie from my closet. (I bought it a Target years ago). The space ship was a design that was featured in my book, 101 Tees and the headphones tee was from the thrift shop. 

Select a graphic tee to turn into a pillow.

Cutting through both layers, cut around the design.  Make sure you leave a little border for sewing.

Pin right-sides to right-sides and sew around the edge.

Leave an opening for turning and stuffing.

Turn right-side out.

Stuff the pillow and hand sew the opening closed.

Yep - it is that easy to make a t-shirt pillow!

Ready for hugs and love!

Make soft toys by following the design shape.

Kids love them!


  1. Cathie - these rock, seriously they completely rock my world. I was about to "put down" an old David Bowie tee but methinks I might just have to put it in the crib w/my Sumo wrestler. Oh and yes, I am now following your blog. XO Angela

    1. awwww! Thanks so much for following. I would LOVE a Bowie toy! ;)

  2. what a fantastic your blog found it through Lisa


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