Wednesday, December 01, 2010

101 Tees: Naughty or Nice Christmas Tees

Naughty or nice?

Are you a holiday vixen or a good little elf? Either way I have your covered. Whip up a "Naughty or Nice" Christmas tee with a few simple supplies.

Both designs are hand stitched and easy for beginners.  You can complete each one in about 1-hour!

Oh La La - i heart velvet buttons!

To make the naughty design begin with a long sleeve red T-shirt.  Cut way the neckline in a sweeping fashion to create an almost off the shoulder look.  Hand sew a strip of marabou feathers across the neckline. (This is a novelty design and not suited for machine washing.)  Stitch two velvet covered buttons to the top center of the tee.

 Pink Thread POPS!

Marabou not your speed? Try this buttoned up holiday design. Hand sew ten green buttons the form of a tree to the front of a red thermal. Add a larger black button to serve as the trunk. I like to use contrasting thread for extra pop!


  1. LOVE THESE TEES! They're so cute, we're going to have to share them on our Facebook page for all our Jo-Ann fans.

    Leigh-Anne at Jo-Ann

  2. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Both are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!


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