Monday, March 22, 2010

.99 cent ebay yard sale

Rethought and Reorganized

I guess I did not really know what kind of space all the jars of glitter and gems would take up. I thought my guest bedroom closet would hold it all. Well - not so fast! After just 1 month, I have out grown my space. I had to clean out, rearrange and restructure to make room for all the crafty goodness, glitter, ribbons, gems and goodies. (They will all be available soon at my etsy shoppe)

My sister got 3 boxes of goodies for a charity yard sale to help shelter a dog for a month and the rest of the goodies I posted at a .99 cent ebay yard sale. I am planning to donate the funds from the sale to The Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles. (- shipping, pay pal and ebay fees)

I have lots of goodies!! All starting at .99!

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  1. OMGoodness, I will have to be checking out your e-bay sale and keep my eyes open for your Etsy store.


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