Monday, June 29, 2009

make it: 4th of July Party Banner

4th of July Party Banner

This banner is perfect to string across your front porch, patio or picnic table. The soft sparkles from the extreme glitter are sure to please and shine in the summer sun.


Folkart paint – 436 Fire Engine Red
Extreme Glitter – Red
Folkart paint – 643 Azure Blue
Extreme Glitter - Turquoise
Extreme Glitter – Silver
9 large wood circles
Foam paintbrush
Felt Stars – red,white and blue
Hot glue
Chipboard letters – BOOM BANG
Wood Star
Tulle – red, white and blue 1/3 yard each
Red, white and blue ribbon – 6 yards
9 small wood disks
Scrap ribbons


1. Paint 8 of the wood circles with the red paint and 1 of the circles with the blue paint. Allow to dry. Paint each circle with 2 or 3 coats of Extreme Glitter. Use the red over the red circles and the turquoise over the blue circle. Allow for dry time in between coats. Paint the wood star with the same technique using either red or turquoise.

2. Topcoat the chipboard letters with silver Extreme Glitter.

3. Hot glue a felt star to the center of each wood circle. Next, hot glue a chipboard letter to the center of the star. (For this project I spelled Boom and Bang, but you could spell anything related to the 4th of July.)For the blue circle, hot glue the wood star in the center.

4. Cut the tulle into 5 X 5 squares and layer the tulle by color. Got glue a stack of 6 layers of tulle behind each wood circle. Trim the tulle to a semi round shape and slice around the circle to create a fringed effect.

5. Line up the tulled wood circles across the red, white and blue ribbon. Place the “star” circle in the center to separate the words “BOOM” and “BANG”. Hot glue the circles to the ribbon (it is best to glue towards the top of the circle). Hot glue a small wood disk over the glued section for extra security.


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    GORGEOUS! I am totally trying this.

  2. This is darling! ♥ it! :D


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